GLYCERA Hand & Body Cream is a gentle, non-greasy all purpose cream with unique quality, specially formulated for all skin types. It is an everyday cream for hands as well as elbows, knees, legs and arms. It helps heal chapped, cracked and rough skin.

It is a dermatologically formulated rich moisturizing cream which helps restore suppleness, smoothness and softness to the skin, without stickiness or greasiness. It protects and relieves the skin from daily exposure to water, cold, sun and wind. It leaves a moisturizing film which prevents and protects from damage due to exposure from solvents, detergents and chemicals.

Apply a small amount over chapped, cracked and rough areas of hands and body three times a day or as necessary.

GLYCERA Hand & Body Cream also has a delicate fragrance that will not conflict with your perfume or cologne.

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