My husband is a physician and washes his hands at least twenty times a day with hand antiseptics. His only words 'you've got to get me some more of this cream - it sinks in fast and seals in moisture fast - great stuff.
Ann M.
Seattle, Washington

Thanks to Glycera. My usually short nails and ragged cuticles are gone - for the first time in my life I have long, strong fingernails - today they are red, a color I could never have worn before.
Gina H.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you so much for sending the Glycera cream. It is so helpful in this winter weather here in the east. Glycera softens the skin and moisturizes it without leaving it greasy and oily. I'm so glad to find this product and am pleased that I can depend on you to send it to me.
Ellen T.
New York, New York

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Glycera is a miracle. I have been suffering from cracked, rough, dry skin on the inside of my index fingers for years. My daughter, Jessica, who is almost fourteen, has had a terrible problem with her cuticles for as long as we both remember. She had lots of hangnails,and the area around her cuticles was swollen, red and very unattractive. Since I bought Glycera from you, we have been using it in these areas. And on the rest of our hands every night and fantastic results. Our hands look beautiful and Glycera has cured the problem. It was so nice for Jessica to get a manicure, and be proud to show off her lovely, slender fingers at her graduation dance. Before Glycera, she would have been hiding her hands self consciously instead. We have tried everything, including prescription products from our dermatologist, and this is the first one that has worked for us. Thank you and Glycera from the bottom of our hearts.
Gratefully, Ginny J.
San Anselmo, California

This cream has helped my eczema on my hands greatly. I have tried everything and feel this has improved my problem to the point where my fingers no longer suffer from cracking and peeling.
Diane L.
San Francisco, California

After using Glycera moisturizing cream for nearly five years, my wife and I feel compelled to share this amazing product with the world. Prior to discovering Glycera, we had searched unsuccessfully for an effective treatment for our chronic "dry skin" problems. Every product we tried boasted of being the ultimate dermatological "cure all"; unfortunately, none were able to live up to their claims. Then, in April 2001, we saw a magazine ad for JASS products and, with nothing to loose, decided to try both the 'Foot' and the 'Hand & Body' creams. The results, to say the least, were astounding! In less than one week, all signs of dryness and cracking had disappeared and our skins had reverted to a smoothness that neither of us had experienced in years. Since then, we have faithfully adhered to a Glycera regimen and are pleased to relate that there has been no recurrence of our original symptoms.
Mr. & Mrs. John Dale
Forked River, New Jersey

I have had sensitive, problem prone skin since childhood. Time after time, I've purchased lotions, only to have my skin break out in a rash. In winter, my hands get so dry the skin cracks. I was ready to give up on ever finding a solution to this problem, until one day I happened upon Glycera. After trying only one sample of the hand cream, I knew I'd found relief at last. My hands are soft and smooth - I can put on loose without snagging them! I'm now giving tubes of the cream as gifts to all of my friends and family. I recommend Glycera without reservation - It is the best.
Paula T.
Inverness, California
Glycera is a Miracle! I have type 2 Diabetes and am prone to cracked heals. I discovered this product 10 years ago and have used it ever since. I use it at bed time and if I forget I can apply it during the day with great results. It is not greasy, and relieves itch and swelling. I am so glad I tried Glycera and recommend it to all my friends. If you haven't tried it please do. Your feet will thank you.
Carol T.
San Rafael, California

"I have been using Glycera Foot Cream in conjunction with applied manual therapies to the feet and ankles of all my patients for the last year and a half and have been getting enthusiastic positive feedback from virtually every one of them. Both the foot cream and the hand cream are perfect for use by all health-care practitioners of hands-on therapies (i.e.Chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, etc.), as well as for anyone who wishes to nourish their skin and achieve wonderful results. I whole-heartedly recommend these Glycera Glycerin Care Creams. They are excellent products."
Douglas A. Greene
Washington, D.C.
23 years in chiropractic practice both in the U.S. and Europe. Participating treating chiropractor, 1992 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

My chiropractor says I have the "softest feet in his practice" and I'm sure he is in contact with many feet! No longer do I suffer with cracked, dry heels. Glycera for feet is the best thing I've ever found for my chronically dry feet.
Beth A.
N. Carver, Massachusetts

Dear sir, I have been using Glycera for a couple of years now. My daughter who live in California started sending it to me after a visit when she noticed how dry my feet were. Unlike other preparations I have used, this did not set up an allergic reaction. I use it regularly and am very pleased with the results. Thank you for finding it and for making it available.
Isaac G.
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
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